I Want To Ask a Question:-
Please email me about any query you have, my phone is for booking
an appointment with me. I will not enter into discussions of
a sexual nature on the phone nor is it a sex chat line! :o/ I have
taken the time to answer any potential query's here, on my
website. Discretion
 is expected and returned.
Thank you for your understanding.

Do You See Couples:-
No thanks, it's not my scene. 

Will you see Pakistani, Indian or Black Men:-
No, Sorry. This is my personal preference just like you
have yours and in no way do I wish to cause 

Can We Take Drugs Together:-
Most certainly not. I don't need drugs or drink to have a good time or to
be able to work. I don't take drugs. Period. Nor do I smoke and I only
drink when on longer bookings or dinner dates and that's only if you wish to have a drink.
I don't wish to spend my time with anyone that is on drugs or wants to do drugs in my company.
So please DO NOT
 bring drugs or be on drugs or be drunk when you visit me. I'm a healthy, well adjusted
woman and the whole drugs thing is not my scene.

I can't Seem To Get Hold of You:-
They may be a few reasons for this:-
1-You have called me in the early hours of the morning! (by that I mean between 1am-7am!!) when I'm most probably tucked up in my bed! and I must note here that I NEVER EVER listen to voice messages left for me in the middle of the night as usually they're not worth it :o/ and they get deleted without been heard.
2-You have called me outside the times I have advertised on my Tour Diary page, please note, I ONLY answer my phone between the hours and on the days I have stated.
3-You have texted rather than called me direct. I don't mind texts but I will NOT answer short texts like, "r u free now" or "how much" or "wat services do u do" or such like, as everything you need to know is here, on my website. If you're going to text me then please be a little more descriptive with when and at what time you wish to see me. You will always need to call anyway for address and location, as I NEVER give this out on a text.
4-When you call and it IS between the hours and on the days I am available and it goes through to answer phone, this will be because I am busy or on the phone so please try a little later....patience and persistence is a virtue...and will of course be rewarded ;o)
5-And finally, I don't work long hours when I am touring, sometimes only 4-5 hours. Has I don't feel I have to and I prefer to be fresh, enthusiastic and in the mood for each and every client I see and I don't believe this would be possible of any escort, if they were to make themselves available 12 or 24 hours every single day...it's just not possible.
Please be sure to view my Appointment page and click on...
Booking an appointment with me
This will give you details on how to contact me. Then please 
view my tour page and choose a day that I am available 
that best suits your own schedule. Then its simple! 
all you have to do then is call me.
I do accept same day bookings - with notice.

Is That You in the Pictures?
Yes, 110% all me. My anonymity is very important 
to me as I am sure it is for you too, for this reason, I 
do not show my face fully. However my photo's do show
enough of my face to give you an idea of my attractiveness...;)

What if I Need to Cancel?
I do understand that schedules can sometimes change, 
however,  I do still require and appreciate at least
24 hours notice. If you have booked an appointment
the same day and then just don't bother turning up
then I will not accept anymore bookings from you.
Please be sure of your own schedule before
making a booking with me.

Do you Offer a 2-girl Service?
Yes I do, please give some notice.

I Would Like to Leave a Review
I welcome reviews and would be
delighted to receive a review of our time
together ;o)
Please click on my review page and fill out the form. 
Next time I see you I will be sure to say a very
special Thank you.....x
If indeed you feel you want to leave a negative review 
and I believe it to be unfounded/unfair/sour grapes or
just plain malicious... then I do keep all phone numbers, descriptions
& details etc etc etc...and I WILL leave my own review of you including
your number and physical description on various directories etc. etc etc
Lots of girls receive these and some are fair and some are plain
nasty & vitriol. Negative reviews are even known to be left by
other "jealous" escorts as well. 
Not everyone can be every ones cup of tea  - if you like, nor can
everyone "click" and I understand this, but, if for any reason you are
not happy with what I've  provided, then TELL ME, we can sort it out. Reviews 
can and DO go both ways and in this day and age where NO 
escort accepts withheld OR private numbers, all clients actions are
accountable for. You will see from my own website that guys can
leave LIVE reviews straight onto my website so this reflects
their experience they have had with me. In all, everyone I have seen
has been more than happy ;o) and I hope, that you too, will be. In
fact I intend to make sure it is.....xxx
But please remember, I am not a magician or a mind reader,
and I do not do anal, water sports, bareback sex or oral without a condom, 
(as some guys that turn up, do strangely, request :o/ and in these instances I ask them to
politely leave, which doesn't always go down well) and I don't allow overly
rough/excessive force or bad/vulgar language during our time together either! 
Trust me I can look after myself ;)...

I am just a normal young woman you would see on the street
with a cute, busty, curvy body, by all means I'm no super
model or pretend to be so, so your expectations are yours alone. 
If there is something on your mind then tell me,the last thing I
want is for you to feel you haven't had the experience you expected, 
although I would find this hard to believe as communication and my
own perceptiveness is key with me.
Everything you need to know about what I offer is detailed in my DETAIL
page along with what I don't offer .
I do not wish to have 1 hour of non stop sex/oral, our time is in
getting to know one another and building chemistry, massage, teasing etc
and yes of course very good safe sex. x
I am in this for mutual pleasure, but mostly, your happiness and 
contentment (and mine)  is what is important to me,
and for us both to be free and easy with who we are and to be able to
express that with each other.
Numbers of clients who have been troublesome and are possibly dangerous -
OR who have been refused a booking & are becoming a nuisance OR have been asked to
leave - It's these arseholes that tend to leave escorts negative feedback but most guys can
read between the lines and know that it's all bollocks and sour grapes:-
0794872506*/0791438581*/0771014995* (ABUSIVE)/0791508909* ABUSIVE/
0758512480* ABUSIVE/0776656078* ABUSIVE/07810388913/Aggresive/
0776986766*/0783375440*(ASKED TO LEAVE)/0757745431* - I refused to see/
(I will also list these numbers, IN
 FULL, on various sites (including media sites) to warn escorts of
timewasters/troublesome or dangerous 
clients and forward numbers to other escort directories/forums
Please be aware that the numbers will come up on Google, under my ESCORT website and other 
sex/adult material sites.

Do you Offer any Fetish Services?
Yes I do, there is an additional fee to pay.
I specialize in most fetishes, mild-medium Dom/BDSM.
If you have something in mind or would just like to try something
for the first time, then by all means run it by me ;o)

Please EMAIL for more info. 

I'm an Escort and I'm jealous and resentful that my clients are coming to you
so i'm gonna leave you negative feedback:-

Lol trust me this is more common than you think. What's even funnier is that these mentally
challenged women think I won't find out - or other escorts their bad mouthing won't find out who they are (due to my massive loyal client base that 
tell me and other sources).
- I already know of one woman "S" for the first letter of her work name.
and I know where she works from in Glasgow and what car she drives so if she continues to butt into my life
then I will butt into hers,... You better reverse what you have done....You've been warned darling.